Custom-Made Furniture in Waltham, Massachusetts

Add a piece of custom-made furniture from E C Butler Furniture and Upholstering in Waltham, Massachusetts, to modernize the look of your household. With our upholstery company on your side, you are sure to always be happy with our quality work.

Custom Furniture

You are able to customize your own furniture by picking the specific dimensions, add a skirt, select the number of seat cushions and decorative elements such as: Nail Heads, Double Welt Trim and etc. This way, you can easily have us customize your new piece of furniture to fit into a certain area of your home or office. Choose from hundreds of custom made frames from Bechtel Designs, Chervan and more
Green sofa against white wall in Waltham, MA

Fabric Gallery

Visit our fabric gallery and choose from thousands of fabric samples from books or hanging samples. You can choose from thousands of designers, such as:
  • United Fabric
  • National Fabric™
  • Charlotte™
  • Robert Allen™
  • Stout™
  • Barraw™
  • Duralee™
  • Norbar™
  • R.M. Coco™
  • Fabric Ade ™
  • Peachtree™
  • American Century™
  • JF Fabrics™
  • Pacific Weavers™
  • Gulf™
  • Kravet™
  • Douglas™
Contact us in Waltham, Massachusetts, to request an estimate for our custom-made furniture.